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About Us

Call Center is a Customer Interaction where people interact with people and / or institutions and manage their interactions with all communication channels, where people, technology, processes and strategies are integrated Customer Interaction Centers.

Our company, which was established in 2014 with the aim of being a business partner that provides effective benefits with quality service, is taking firm steps to be the symbol of international quality, reliability and success in its sector. At our service points in Isparta and Aydın, sales, marketing, outsourced services, primarily customer service, with our expert management staff and broad industry experience, a wide range of customer-specific, flexible, and consulting services

We offer call center services in accordance with the requirements.

Understanding customer needs and expectations correctly, feeling the customer, loyalty

taking care to protect, in summary, the emotional bond between the customer and the brand of the institution is closely related to developing. In the relationship management of a call center specializing in this field the benefit it creates is quite great.

Contact, developing its infrastructure based on responding to the needs of the customers in the best way,it closely follows the technology and constantly updates it.

Contact, when it comes to developing its business partners, increasing their productivity,

and resource savings, building trust, and targeting their image24/7 uninterrupted service for excitement and motivation it serves.


** We have been growing uninterruptedly for 6 years without sacrificing superior quality.

** We provide 24/7 uninterrupted service at our Aydın and Isparta locations working simultaneously.

** As a company with the necessary management standards, we have created a business environment where we protect your personal data and place importance on information security.

** We can grow without losing our employees, which we support with the necessary trainings by prioritizing employee motivation.

** We use many different communication sources successfully.

**We are a company with a capacity of 1200 tables, 80% women and 20% men, and approximately 1000 employees.

Contact Call Center has adopted the principle of development by constantly increasing its service level, product variety and quality awareness.