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Our Information Security Policy

Our Information Security system is managed with the aim of protecting all information correctly within the framework of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility, keeping access under control and minimizing risks.


In this regard, ensuring the continuity of the risk management process, following the risk processing plans continuously, monitoring and reporting system performance, and managing the information security dimension of the relations with internal and external parties and legal authorities are the basic elements of our system.


Our policies and practices regarding information security cover all of our business processes, employees, customers, solution partners, suppliers and all interested parties affected by the results of our work.


Conract undertakes that it will announce the Information Security Policy to the relevant parties, be accessible and will be reviewed by the top management at certain intervals, monitor the effectiveness of the system and improve it continuously, take necessary measures, keep employee awareness high, and provide the necessary resources in this direction.


  • Confidentiality of personal information
  • Privacy of call information
  • Confidentiality of data and information obtained
  • Secured by our security policies


Contact has “ISO / IEC 27001 Information Security Management Systems” certificate.