Career at Contact


The most important factor that determines the service quality and cost of a call center is human resources. For this reason, the Contact call center continuously trains, evaluates and monitors its employees, starting with the recruitment phase. A continuous, developable and proactive training approach is adopted to support the development of our employees. The training contents are updated in accordance with the changing and developing world parallel to the changing needs of the employees, corporate customers and end customers with the expert trainers.


It is necessary for our employees to be equipped in their roles in the operations they are assigned.

we offer all technical and skill training. In addition to providing initial training to every employee who starts working at Contact, the trainings that need to be given or repeated through the general, personal, demographic needs analysis applied during the services of the employees in the call center are determined and applied rapidly.


While the trainings are given by our expert trainers, some other trainings are different external education companies can be provided. To our employees participating in Contact;

  • Orientation
  • Call center structure and functioning
  • Institutional customer relations
  • Effective communication by phone
  • Persuasion skills (Telemarketing, collection, customer recovery etc.)
  • Team spirit
  • Stress Management
  • Total quality Management
  • Call center performance management
  • Special product / service and software trainings are given to the working group.