Career at Contact

Monitoring and Evaluation

The most important factor that determines the service quality and cost of a call center is human resources. For this reason, the Contact call center continuously trains, evaluates and monitors its employees, starting with the recruitment phase.


In Contact, it is aimed to provide and increase final customer satisfaction, corporate customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction through monitoring and evaluation activities. Therefore, the concept of "Quality" and "Quality Service" has been adopted as the natural perspective of all employees. The outputs of monitoring and evaluation activities provide input to other critical processes such as training and development, wage management and rewarding, career management. For this reason, regular and continuous measurements are made with a special team, the results are analyzed and necessary action plans are created.


Call center employees' performances are evaluated daily and / or as a result of listening from the voice recording server.

With the “360 Degree Performance Management System”, “continuous” development is aimed within the framework of common missions and goals by adopting a common strategy for all employees.

It creates a suitable ground for the development of people and sets goals accordingly.

Works with logic.

The system provides the opportunity to monitor the employee's performance on a daily basis. Therefore, the detected low performance can be intervened in a short time.

It is an important tool in establishing the desired company culture and discipline.

It not only guides the points that need improvement, but also helps the career planning by seeing the existing ones.

Listening and evaluations can be performed remotely, and since it is reportable, performance monitoring can also be done outside the job.