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Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

We believe that our employees are the basis of our success. Health and safety of our employees is our priority. Based on our equal opportunity policy, all our employees are equally valuable to us within the scope of occupational health and safety.


Based on our human-first principle, we ensure that all our employees participate in occupational health and safety training programs that meet their needs, and we raise our stakeholders about these issues and take action.


Ambient Surveillance

To observe the work environment including all shift work in the workplace, to make recommendations, to provide guidance, to conduct all the work in accordance with the Occupational Health and legislation and general Occupational Safety rules, to participate in the work on the establishment of the internal regulation and workplace OHS policy.


Risk analysis

To plan the necessary studies to determine the dangers in the workplace, to make the risk analysis and to take measures to eliminate and reduce this risk after the risk assessment, to ensure that measurements, analysis and controls are carried out.


Emergency Plans

To prepare and follow up emergency plans for situations requiring emergency intervention such as accidents, fires, natural disasters in the workplace.


Fire Works

To plan the necessary works for the prevention of fire or explosions and to follow the practices, to determine the measures to be taken.


Emergency Plans

To prepare and follow up emergency plans for situations requiring emergency intervention such as accidents, fires, natural disasters in the workplace.


Annual Work Plan

To prepare the annual work plan with the workplace doctor, to apply, to save the work related to the work environment surveillance and to report the annual evaluation report, which is filled in accordance with the sample specified in the regulation, to the employer, the board and the ministry.



Work Accident Investigation, Corrective Action Plan

To make preventive and corrective action plans and to follow their implementation by doing the examination and research of the work accident, occupational disease or any dangerous event occurring in the workplace.


Accident Records and Notifications

Keeping track of all work accidents and occupational diseases, and making legally required notifications.


Annual Training Plan

To prepare the annual training plan, to train the employees, occupational health and safety representatives and board members in accordance with the provisions of the regulation on health and safety risks, protective and preventive measures that may be encountered in the workplace.



One of the most important issues in outsourcing is that your business partner has a reliable and transparent management structure and technology. Security in Contact is examined under 3 main topics.


Physical security

  • 24/7 security personnel
  • Card pass in all building and production halls (Your employees' movements on the building)
  • 24/7 CCTV in the whole building
  • Fire alarm in the whole building
  • Smoke detector in production halls
  • Temperature alarm in the system room
  • Humidity alarm in the system room
  • Generator, UPS
  • Full redundant air conditioning system in the Central System room

Data Security

  • Safe PC configuration with read-only operating system (Virus free) (Client without USB, CD, DVD features and printer connection, no screen recording, use of equipment)
  • Redundant infrastructure architecture
  • Back-up procedures
  • Isolated local network on project basis
  • Secure FTP, encrypted file (for data transfer)
  • Two-layer firewall
  • Using VPN in public networks
  • Access to voice and data records on operation basis only
  • Clean table application in production halls;
  • ISO27001 Information Security Management System certificate
  • Periodic and instant inspections

Staff Reliability

  • Choosing the most suitable people for the job requirements
  • CV scan
  • Telephone interview
  • Face to face interviews
  • Simulation / Role games
  • General ability test / D.I.S.C.personal inventory analysis
  • Reference research
  • Confidentiality agreement